Back from hols.

Wow! Everything has grown 2 feet, even the rabbits! The marsh is just a mass of wild flowers, with butterflys and other flying insects everywhere. I'll have to stay on the 'well-trodden' path due to the grass seeds, that seem to be attracted to Holly.
The Canada Geese family seem to have moved on, hope they all survived. The 'single parent' family of mallards are all hatched and growing fast, the female makes an excellent parent.
The marsh water levels are now back to normal and have a covering of algae and weed in places. The damselflies are all out and can be seen around the marginal ponds and water ways.
Have only covered the north end of the marsh today, will venture further afield tomorrow. Enjoyed my holiday but I must confess to wondering about what I was missing on the marsh. Good to be back.