Tuesday 28th November

Autumn colours.

Big Black-backed Gull looking for an easy meal.

Curlew in flight.

Went out late today to catch the sunshine. Different people, same birds!

Monday 27th November

Starling seem to be the only birds eating the berries of the Sea Buckthorn.

Still together!

Curlews on the scrub land.

Still some fruit about.

Always ready to have their photos taken

Sick of the strong wind!

Thursday 23rd November

The Grey Heron

The Tufted Duck

The Goosander. Winter visitor to the marsh. Fish eating water bird, so competition for the Cormorant.

A cold blustery day, but good light. Photographed three of the birds on the marsh, there were others!

Wednesday 22nd November

A little macro shot.

Early morning light.

Not the anglers favourite bird!

Liked the blurred reflections of the water in the background.

Have been down south for a few days, noticed that there is a marked difference in the state of the seasons. Still plenty of leaves on the trees and bushes. Our winter is well advanced in comparison.

Monday 13th November

They expect to be fed! Good thing or bad?

Canada Geese off in search of food.

Not everything on the marsh has wings!

Magpies, one of natures more adaptable birds.

The thing about retirement is that you don't have Monday mornings! Beautifully sunny, quite mild as well.

Sunday 12th November

Close-up of a Canada Goose.

A poor photo of a male Blackcap.

North-side mute swan juveniles.

The marsh has a calm, eerie quality about it on these cold autumn mornings. Very little sound, except for the odd growl and grumble coming from the steel works. Its like everything is in waiting for some event to occur.

Tuesday 7th November

Male Blackbird and Fieldfare

Moorhen on top of the reeds. Have seen them in trees!

North-side Mute swans all necks and bums!

Another wintery sky, weak sun, high cloud cover. Quiet on the marsh early this morning. Intend, weather permitting to come again after lunch.

Monday 6th November

I'm missing the wild flowers already.

Greylag geese, chilling out.

Two for the price of one, a bargain. Stonechat and Wren.

Here is that Wren again, High Wire act.

Well, we survived another Bonfire Night. Should ban them from public sale. I don't no if we are going out to late or to early, but its been very quiet these last few days.

Saturday 4th November

Juvenile female Blackbird. She alowed me to get unusally close. Males would have been long gone and making an awful racket.

Gadwall in flight.

Whooper Swan. First I've see on the marsh this year.

Another good morning. Out earlier to day, just after sun rise. Plenty of people about. I really believe that the marsh is getting more popular.

Friday 3rd November

Mr Grey Heron on their favourite perch.

Made me laugh!

Something different. Juvenile Blackcap, hence the brown 'cap'

An autumn photo.

Making the most of the good weather. Enjoy the photos.

Thursday 2nd November

Stonechat. I have a feeling he's been here all summer!

Aerial combat!

No words needed.

I have been getting to grips with a new camera. Up to now I am very impressed. It will allow me to produce better quality images and allow for closer cropping. I think you will see a difference.