Saturday 30th September

Teasels on the Valley side.

Bluetit among the elder berries.

Curlew on the scrub land.

Mute Swan youngster.

Taking advantage of some autumn sunshine. Enjoy.

Friday 29th September

Kestral hunting!

Goldfinches flocking!

Meadowpipet watching!

A really good morning for a walk on the marsh. Strangely there were a lot of birds about. Spent a lot of time watching a flock of over 30 Goldfinches in the Valley.

Wednesday 27th September



Canada Goose.

Wild Teasel.


Bit of a grey day so I concentrated on the fauna but managed to capture a couple of shots of birds.

Tuesday 26th September

Bumble Bee on Creeping Thistle.

Coots being coots!

Common Darter Dragonfly

A better day! Went out a lot later to take advantage of the warm sun. Dragonfly are still abundant. Birds are very elusive and difficult to capture on film. Enjoy!

Monday 25th September


Morning mist

Greylag Geese.

Dull grey day, and as write this entry it has begun to rain! Here are some photos from sunnier times, last week.

Thursday 21st September

Canada Geese.

Blue Tit.

Mute Swan Family. (North)

Wednesday 20th September





Warm but very windy, making it difficult for the birds and insects. Not a good day for photography. Winge winge winge..............

Monday 18th September

Garden Spider: Lots about!

Goldfinch: Watched a flock of goldfinches foraging among the Teasels.

Great Tit: Foraging with a small group of Blue Tits.

Believe this to be a Willow Warbler.

Common Darter: Will find these Dragonfly resting on the ground.

Lovely warm September morning. Went out after nine a.m in order to photograph the dragonflies and the little birds. A good day I predict!

Sunday 17th September

Coot. Even though the breeding season has long gone, these birds are still fighting over territory.

Mute Swan family from the North Marsh. The other adult is just out of shot.

Yarrow. I was struck by the vividness of the pink flowers.

The last few days have been pretty poor, for photography, damp and overcast. Not being a photographer that likes to carry a tripod means that this sort of weather restricts my ability to get any quality images. I have a feeling I will have to invest in a light-weight tripod otherwise I will not get any photos at all. The photos today have been taken during the brief sunny intervals.

Wednesday 12th September

Large Bindweed (backlite)

Herring Gull (juvenile)

Blue Tit

Monday 11th September

Saturday 9th September

Today's walk was an early one, so that is why the images are of birds. The insects were still asleep.

Blue tit looking for sleepy insects.

Female mute swan. Liked the reflection.

One of a flock of Goldfinches.

Friday 8th September

Common Darter, male and female. Here the male is holding the female and dipper her into the water so that she can deposit her eggs.

Common Hawker, male patroling his bit of the stream.

Zig-Zag Clover

Grey Heron, perching!

A lovely September day, warm sunshine, light breeze. Went looking for the Kingfisher along the Fleet, but without any luck. Had briefly seen it yesterday but wanted more! Today was a day for the dragonfly. Enjoy the images.

Wild Flowers.

Purple Toad Flax (Linaria purpurea)

Red Clover (Trifoleum pratense)

Ribbed Melilot (Melilotus officinalis)

Birds of the marsh.

Flock of Lapwings. Numbers increased by winter migants from europe.

Reed Bunting. Winter plumage makes identification a little bit harder.