Stonechat looking for grubs and insects on the ground.
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February 2007

Blackthorn in bloom.

Always inquisitive, Robin!

Wigeon, their whistling call is quite distinctive.

Male Kestrel, identified by its barred tail feathers.

Carrion Crow. Its loud, harsh, call warning me off!

Arrived on the marsh just as the rain was easing. Always a good time to see and hear the birds. Things are definitely getting busier out there. The mallards are beginning to squabble over the females, the Blackthorn is coming into bloom.

Spring is not far away, but...............

Perhaps this is my favourite winter resident, perhaps! The Stonechat.

Morning sunshine warms the Greenfinch.

winter is still with us!

There are signs that Spring is near, buds on the bushes and trees, bird behaviour, but remember that its still only February!

Female Reed Bunting

Mute Swans

Dog Fox

Safety in numbers, a popular spot.

We've had some frosty mornings of late, which I quite enjoy, but the wildlife, perhaps not. Visited the west end of the marsh a couple of times this week and on both occasions we were harassed by the swans. They were bullying us for food, very confrontational, a product of our own making by indiscriminate feeding. To late to rectify, I just hope it does not have unfortuate consequenses!