Sunday 28th January

The quarrelsome Coot, now seen in feeding flocks where their disagreements are entertaining.

Wigeon, quick to flight. Winter flocks seen over the marsh. Very acrobatic in the air.

Green Finch, has a 'cross' appearance.

Wednesday 25th January 2007


Carron Crow

Short Eared Owl

Managed to get out today, and enjoy a bit of sunshine even though it was against doctors orders. Nice to see the regulars are still out and about!

They're were close but well concealed. I only saw them because of a couple of magpies were disturbed.

Sheltering from the bitter Westerley wind.

Sunday 14th January

Nice to get out on the marsh. Not the best of weather for photograhy, but beggers............
Came across a couple of Roe Deer hinds down near the Fleet.

New Year