Monday 30th October

Love the back-lighting and highlights (Bokeh) effect.

Rich autumn colours emphasised by the low morning light

Harsh stare of the Fieldfare, not happy with my presence.

Love this little fellow. He flew to greet us as we walked along the path. Have other photos which I will share but I liked this shot for its 'difference'.

The quality of light at this time of year makes up for the infrequency of good weather. Unusually warm today, but pretty quiet on the marsh. We sat and watched the Black Headed Gulls 'playing' on the water. Climbing, swooping and splashing. I'm unsure if their curious actions are playing but they seem to be enjoying it. Saw a Stonechat sitting on a fence post, he would catch passing flies before returning to the fence. Haven't seen him since spring! Will post a photo later in the week, hope to see him again if the weather holds.