Monday 23rd October

Shaggy Ink Cap toad stool.

Short Eared Owl, has a fierce look. One of the few species of owl that you will see during the day.

Young Herring Gulls washing in the fresh water of the marsh.

We had to leave our walk till 10:00am due to the rain, but we were not disappointed.

The flock of Teal and Wigeon were still with us along with a few pair of Shoveller Duck. No sign of the north side mute swan family, but the south side swans are looking good and are not far off from flying. Tripped over a Short Eared Owl on the bank side above the Fleet, a beautiful bird will be publishing a photo today and more during the week. Still plenty of Common Hawker Dragonfly around in the warm sunshine. Nice to see the 'Volunteers' repairing the footpaths, being supervised by the 'Trust' staff, it looked like hard work, supervising!